The Ultimate Startup Hijab Gift Box

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The Ultimate Startup Hijab Gift Box: 

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I had a friend who just became Hijabi, and she was overwhelmed by all the styles, colors, and choices to decide from. There are so many types of hijabs, under caps, pins, and so on! So I decided to surprise her with this Startup Hijab Gift Box that includes everything, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything new for a year! There are multiple boxes, and each one includes a unique set of colors.
The box has everything essential for a new hijabi, from the fancy magnetic pins to even under caps (amtas)! And with Ramadan approaching, this gift will match the theme and vibe! This startup box is ideal for anyone who wants to start wearing a hijab because of the variety and inspiration in each box.
There are multiple choices, and each comes with unique shades of colors! This box has everything that a new Hijabi needs to start her journey with confidence and ease. It comes with matching shades to reduce the time and effort to buy a matching set.

What’s Inside The Boxes?  


Gift box, new hijabi, hijabi start, new hijab


The hijabi starter pack includes everything needed, so you can wear it straight from the box! From all of the unique shades of colors provided, each box comes with these necessities inside them:

  • Five chiffon hijabs (180 x 70 cm) that come in a set of black, nude, white, or navy

Everything You Need :

This set comes with everything necessary for a new hijabi! You don’t have to worry about buying different scarves to match or any other accessories; it all comes in one box! And with free shipping, this makes it the best thing to gift your friends this Ramadan. This New Hijabi Starter Gift Box will absolutely make your hijabi friends' day!

 Gift box, new hijabi, hijabi start, new hijab

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