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N-Scarves by Nour was founded in 2017 by Nour Alhawasli who lives with her husband and Three kids in Texas, United States.  


Nour Alhawasli was born in Damascus, Syria. She was raised there up until 2016 when she came to the United States. She quickly realized that finding a comfortable, quality, and an affordable hijab (headscarf) wasn’t going to be the easiest task where she lived. To make things easier for herself and others she decided to start her own online business of selling and designing hijabs. It was through the needs of providing better and more affordable hijabs that she discovered her passion, showing the world how Muslim women are beautiful with or without their hijabs, and how they’re productive, educated, and modest.

Nour worked hard finding the perfect fabrics to ensure they werethe highest in quality, breathable, washable, elegant, and comfortable to all hijabi women in the United States and other countries around the world.

Through her website you can find a variety of hijab collections with many unique designs and comfortable material, as well as accessories used along with the hijab.


Nour is a pharmacist, with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences she received at the International University for Science and Technology in Syria.

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  • Wish you all the best

    Rania Hussaini on
  • الله يوفقك وإن شاء الله بيكبر البزنس تبعك وتوصلي لبرامد عالمي🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Lamis Elsalti on
  • I’m super proud of all your accomplishments dear Nour!

    Arwa on
  • I wish you more success and that your business becomes worldwide.. and I am very proud that one of the women of my city has an amazing idea and such a successful project. By the way, since I met you on Instagram, I am thinking of wearing the hijab.. I wish you with all my heart more success.

    Haya on

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