Nour’s Top 3 Tips For New Hijabis

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Nour’s Top 3 Tips For New Hijabis

Making the choice to wear hijab is exciting and scary. There are so many types of hijabs to choose from that it can become so overwhelming.

With so many colors, types, and styles, you can’t tell which one will work perfectly for you. Each hijab is unique in its own way, some are quick slip ons, and others are perfect for fancy occasions. You can choose more than one style, one for work and another for a casual outing with your friends! So here are Nour’s Top 3 Tips For New Hijabis.

To start off, you have to know what style and colors you like. There are so many different styles from the Turkish style to the Turban hijab style. Hijabs come in all different types of colors, so you can have fun matching with any outfit you want!

Unique Hijabs By Nscarves


New hijabi gift box

  1. One of the easiest ways to start up your hijab collection is to get a gift box from Nscarves! If you don’t have time to go look around for pins, matching undercaps, and scarves, this box has everything you need. It comes with magnetic pins so it doesn't damage the fabric, 5 nicely colored hijabs, and matching undercaps. There is also a scrunchie to tie your hair to stop it from falling when putting on your hijab!                                                                                                                                                
  2. If you’re still new at pinning your hijab, or don’t have time to do so, check out the travel hijab! It is a super convenient hijab that is easy to slip on and go. It’s ideal for quick errands and traveling! You just slip it on to your head and you’re ready to go. You don’t need pins or undercaps to put it on!                                                                                     
  3. Travel jersey hijab   And finally, if you are looking for a nice unique hijab, then the Golden Line Hijab is perfect for you! The hijab lives up to its name by having a golden line across the edges. It also comes in all sorts of nice colors like olive green and peach nude! This hijab is perfect for Eid, weddings, and any fancy occasion!                                                                                                                GoldenLine Hijab                                                                                                                                        The hijab is a unique symbol of Islam, so wear it with confidence! There are multiple styles to match anyone’s taste, outfit, and daily life. There are fancy hijabs, quick hijabs, casual hijabs, travel hijabs, and so much more so you can be you!                                                                                  

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