NScarves Hijabs at Houston Muslim Market

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NScarves Hijabs at Houston Muslim Market

Nscarves showing best hijabs from online

Trying new things is always a fun experience! We participated in the Houston Muslim Market that was hosted at the Constellation Field in November. This was our first face-to-face interaction, we have been running an online shop for the last five years. We were able to engage in conversation with our customers. It was wonderful talking to everyone and seeing all your beautiful faces. The diversity was so encouraging and beautiful. Meeting people from all over the world is such a gift, thank you all for stopping to say hi and try on some hijabs at the NScarves booth.

NScarves showing her best hijabs from online store

Hijabs at the Houston Muslim Market

It was so great to hear all your feedback about NScarves. We love hearing how you appreciated our high quality and unique designs. Hearing all of your great feedback gave me such energy and an amazing boost to continue designing and providing everyone with even more new designs. We have so many new ideas for the new year. I can’t wait for all of you to see them.

NScarves Connecting with Other Businesses

Learning about what other businesses are doing is so energizing. All of you women entrepreneurs are so inspiring with all the great businesses you are starting and building. What positive energy! I can’t wait until we meet again. There is so much we can do together to serve our community!

Nscarves with instant hijab from online store

Unique Hijabs at the Market and Online

This was an excellent way to become connected with the Houston Muslim Market, and I can't wait till the Ramadan event on February 26. My experience at the Houston Muslim Market for the first time was enjoyable, and I recommend that other small businesses attend. I can’t wait to participate in the Houston Muslim Market and see all of you try on our new hijab designs.

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  • كل الحب والتقدير بتمنالك النجاح الدائم ❣️❣️

    Ola Almoazen on
  • You are # 1. Keep up the good work and get us new product drop sooooon 😊

    Abbora on
  • كل الحب الك نور حجاباتك مافي منن وانتي تعاملك ورقيك كثير حلوين الله يوفقك ومن نجاح لنجاح يارب

    Haneen Ayoub on
  • I’m so proud of you ya 2amar😍..All hijabs are very elegant and distinctive.

    Roaa on
  • I love nscarves hijabs! ♥️ they are the best🌹 wish you Nour all the best!


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